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All Slots Promo - Bonus Showdown

If you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about finding the best place to enjoy the most rewarding casino entertainment, you’ll find the whole kit and caboodle when you play during September at the All Slots casino. All Slots features a wide variety of lucrative bonuses for Canadian players. The free bonus package just got even better with the All Slots Promo - Bonus Showdown September promotion which will be featured through October 6th at All Slots and other Jackpot Factory casinos.

The Bonus Showdown promotion is a game that’s added onto your regular game, but you don’t need to place any additional deposits to play. Just draw the cards that the casino presents to you. Based on those cards, you’ll find yourself adding satisfying wins onto your regular gaming activities. AT the same time, you’ll be competing against the other casino gamblers for your share of the $125,000 in Bonus Showdown prizes. So giddy-up down to the corral and get ready to add these September give-aways to your existing payouts and prizes.

Showdown at the Corral

The famous showdown at the OK corral is generally regarded as the most famous firefight of the Old West. Renegade cowboys and lawmen traded gunshots - when it was over, Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers walked away. Yet the Arizona frontier would see further conflicts between the opposing forces since some of the sheriff’s activities were less than pure and many locals supported the Clanton and  McLaury brothers.

While the Tombstone showdown is, undoubtedly the best known of the outlaw-lawmen stands, the history books tend to gloss over other showdowns. Wild Bill Hickock was responsible for numerous Western showdown duels which he often fought to bolster his gambling excesses. Wild Bill himself was killed during a card game and the hand that he held -- two pair–black aces and black eights -- has been known as a “Dead Man’s Hand” ever since.

There’s no need to worry about firepower when you play the All Slots Promo - Bonus Showdown.  This promotion is a civilized way to add cash to your casino gambling activities. You can join the Bonus Showdown on any casino platform or you can even mix and match your gambling activities as you move your gaming pursuits between the mobile, Download and Flash casinos and play on each platform as it suits your needs and expectations. Sign into your casino account and join the Bonus Showdown at your leisure.

Draw your Cards

The Bonus Showdown invites you to draw cards every week, which you collect on the Draw Cards webpage. The cards indicate whether you’ve won free spins, bonus credits or Loyalty Points. You can draw up to three cards every week for a total of three weekly prizes, over the course of four playing periods. Together with the first draw period’s card, which is free, you can earn up to thirteen Bonus Showdown prizes over the course of the month of September.

After the first week, when you receive one free card, the number of cards that you draw every week will be based on the total number of days that you played during the previous week. For gamers who played three or four days during the week prior to the draw, a draw of one card awaits. Players who gambled for five or six days in the week prior to the draw will be able to draw two cards. And if you played for all seven days during the week before the draw you’ll be able to draw a total of three cards.  

The round dates for the Bonus Showdown are:

  • First Round -- September 6 - September 12 2015
  • Second Round -- September 13 to September 19 2015
  • Third Round  -- September 20 to September 26 2015
  • Fourth Round -- September 27 to October 4 2015 &nbsp
  • Fifth Round -- October 4 to October 6 2015 2015

How it Works

Let’s say that you sign into your All Slots casino account on September 14th. You’ve already drawn your first, free card on September 7th and you played real money games on September 7th and 8th. Now, when you sign in on September 14th, you’ll go to the Card Draw page and click the “Draw Card” button and you’ll be eligible to pick two cards, based on the fact that, during the previous week, you played for two days.

Now, of course, you’ll want to know what you’ve won!  Your cards will tell you what prizes you’ve won. You may win free spins which you can apply to the most popular casino slots including, on PC,  Avalon, Bridesmaids, Ariana, Hot as Hades, Sure Win or Asian Beauty slots and Avalon and Bridesmaids at the mobile casino.

If your card announces that you’ve won Loyalty Points, add your new Loyalty Points to your regular gaming points and save up to redeem your Loyalty Points for valuable casino give-aways. The Loyalty Points can be worth up to 5000 Points on each card for a lucrative casino gift. Loyalty Points can be traded in for simple cashback deals and higher deposit and withdrawal limits. If you save up you can cash your point in and earn luxury items, vacation packages or a cruise.


You might need to make a deposit to receive your prize. Read your confirmation email carefully after you draw your cards so you’ll know what you need to do to collect your prize.

When you play Bonus Showdown you’ll enjoy a high-energy casino promotion that requires little effort to gain big prizes.

If you have any questions about the All Slots Promo - Bonus Showdown promotion or any of the casino’s games, regular casino promotions, ebanking options or any other issue, contact the casino’s help line. The help line personnel are available 24/7 to provide you with help regarding any questions or issues.  


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